Suppressors in Stock Now!

We are now taking pre-orders on the Suppressor Lites and the OG Suppressor (slightly larger diameter).  The Lites are $52.99 per pair and the OGs are $57.99.  Pegs will begin shipping out in approximately two weeks (second week of Feb).  From experience, these pegs clear out fast, so pre-orders are encouraged.  Price does not include shipping.

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  1. Ken Bowman says:

    Interested in a set of the new pegs and one of the compressor stems to match the pegs. I have an old set and love these. The previous post mentions different diameters. I am interested in a set of four just like my originals in silver or black with 1.5" diameter. Please let me know what I need to do to get my hands on some brand spankin' new ones and a stem to match int he same color! Thanks ahead of time for your support and your incredibly awesome flatland parts!


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